Friday, February 6, 2009

Trick or Treat?

Since Halloween, Sassy Bee has been playing trick or treat. She is resourceful and uses all manner of objects as both bags and treats. For instance, one day, she had a sock and the treat was a toy. It went something like this, "Mom, here." She hands me the toy and proceeds to hold out the sock and say, "Trick or treat." I then put the toy in the dirty sock and say in the cheesiest voice possible, "Happy Halloween!" She loves it. We do it several times a day. Well, last week, she came up to me with a handful of pennies and a clean pullup (diaper). She hands me the money, opens up the pullup and proceeds to say, "Trick or Treat!" I then dropped the 20 pennies in her diaper and it occurred to me how odd this game had become.....I also began to wonder if this is some horrible foreshadowing for a later profession. :D

I have added some past Halloween pictures just for fun.

Doughie in one of her many cat costumes. (We have a different version every year--the color changes.)

Sassy Bee in one of Doughie's old castoffs.

Sassy Bee wanted to be a knight for a while, but found the mask troublesome.

This is Big C as the "pervy pirate". Trust me, you don't want to sit too close....male or female. Someday, I will post his Braveheart pictures. I will have to sensor them since Big C wasn't very lady-like in his short kilt.


Sweet William said...

The knight photo is awesome! xD

2busy said...

The trick or treat game is kind of funny. Good thing she didn't bring you a dirty pull up! Big C makes a great pirate!

Holly said...

K, I love the pervy pirate... and the kitties are darling! How fun, you know I just love Halloween!