Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who needs Toys when you have Diapers?

Is she a convenient store menace or a super hero? You decide. This is a picture of Sassy Bee with a Pullup on her head. I need to let you know that she is the one who put it there. Ironically, I used to maniacally chase her older sister and threaten to put a diaper on her head. Doughie would scream in protest--quite frankly, it was a fun game. It isn't the same with Sassy Bee--she likes it.

Sassy Bee also likes to see how many Pullups she can put on at once. It reminds me of a car full of clowns as she peels off the diapers one-by-one as we count in awe. To date, the most she has put on is 10.

Who needs toys when a diaper can be a mask, a trick or treat bag (please see previous post) or used in a strip tease? I had no idea that diapers were so multi-faceted.


2busy said...

What are you doing to those kids? They are completely corrupted!

William said...

One day I will beat Sassy Bee's record!

McPherson family said...

Hey, so glad you found me. We are always wondering how you are doing too. Haven't been in your neck of the woods for quite some time. When we get over to that area we will have to come see you if possible. Tell Craig hi too!

Grammy Pilgrim said...

Little Sassy Bee has quite a sense of humor....takes after her mom! I love the photos.