Thursday, February 19, 2009


The other day, Sassy Bee had colored all over her body with a blue marker. It was also apparant that Doughie had helped her because the artwork was quite advanced on her back. However, when I began to tell her she shouldn't draw on herself, Doughie jumped into the conversation as though she hadn't done anything. This is what she said,

"Yeah, Sassy, you shouldn't draw on your body. No! No! Because your body is a temple and you wouldn't draw on the temple would you?"
And Sassy said, "No way!" (even though I could tell she was contemplating it way more than she should be.)
Doughie continued with, "Yeah, all our bodies are a temple. Mommy's body is like the Idaho Falls temple....small and pointy on top and big on the bottom..."

Nice--so much for my self-esteem that day! What wise words would Oprah have for this situation? Hmmmm?


2busy said...

I am totally laughing. Kids say the craziest thing. Pointy? Were you cold?

Amberly said...

Where do kids come up with these things?? You are not shaped like the temple!

William said...

Oh! I know what to get you for your birthday now! What would you think of a hairband with a little statue of Moroni on top!?

I have doubts as to whether they would sell such a product at Deseret Book, so I might have to construct the statue myself out of Sculpey and gold spray paint. I'm not a very good sculptor; would you mind too much if it turns out looking like a statue of Buddha? :D

:o I think I hear thunder!

stoner said... kill me!

2busy said...

I was trying. Hahahah

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Hey at least you are small and pointy somewhere!