Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coupon Hussy

Yes, I am an admitted coupon hussy....I would say something else, but my mom reads my blog. Anyway, I will print any coupon available and go to printer after printer to get my max amount. It is an illness.

This week, I feel my couponing reached an all-time low. So, I could save $1 on Cottenelle toilet paper, I made a pledge on their website. It went something like this:

"I pledge to exercise my pampered behind. Why is it pampered? Because I use Cottenelle of course!"

I wonder what I would do or say for $5 off? Frightening thought.

P.S. My sister was going to pledge, "I pledge to only wipe my butt with Cottenelle!" The shameless thing must run in the family.


2busy said...

A former Sunnybrook member has a blog dedicated to frugal living and couponing. I myself have given it up as of late. I've decided that the 3 hours it takes to get through Walmart couponing isn't worth the $5 or $6 I save. But with more Micron layoffs, maybe I should start back up.

stoner said...

Do you have the link? I would be curious to see if you she has any new information. It does take a lot of time, but I like saving the money! :D

We saw the announcement Tuesday. We pray these layoffs don't touch your family directly.

2busy said...


JulieJ said...

I tried to do the Cottonelle thing today at FM. The price was 99 cents instead of 79 cents. And after walking the length of the registers twice and there was no one at any of them except for u-scan, I finally went to customer service. She told me that she could check me out as long as I didn't have too many things.
And then she charged me for 11 packs and I bought 10. I was expecting to pay $4.15 for 10 but paid 7.80. Oh well, you win some and you lose some!

William said...

I hope you read the fine print! I wonder who they'll be sending to your house to make sure you followed through on your promise!

If our good sister had gone through with her pledge, wouldn't the inspector need to take fiber samples "to be sure"?! Sometimes I think my job is bad!

Dellp said...

Actually I think that my wording was just a wee bit different than I was quoted.

Oh, and dear William...thanks for thinking of the possible consequences of my "rash" pledge. Fortunately, my computer was out of commission until today and I never did get to join in with the "Coupon Hussy."

stoner said...

What DellP alluded to is that she didn't say butt....she used a cruder description. Rhymes with gas and ironically it does that too!

But since I know Mom reads this blog, and I respect her innocence, I edited. You can thank me later.

William said...

rhymes with gas and does that too...?

Oh wow, I'm lost. couldn't you spell it out for me?