Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Salt, Glorious Salt!

Sassy Bee loves salt. She comes by this naturally, her grandpa (Big C's dad) has been known to salt chips. I don't mind that she likes salt--I like salt too. It only starts to annoy when she steals my salt shaker, takes it to her hidy hole, (where she stashes all her treasures) and proceeds to suck on the lid. What happens is the salt clumps together and becomes unusable. I then get to dump out the shaker and refill.....we buy a lot of salt. It is also a little embarrassing when your guest tries to salt their food and can't....I don't like to tell them that they can't season their food because it is congealed by my daughter's spit.

Does anyone know where I can buy a salt lick? I think it would look cute in her pink bedroom.

This is a picture of Sassy Bee in one of her hidy holes--she has two. In this particular one, I have a fake tree. My only complaint is that her little toys love to scatter the fake moss and dig in the styrofoam of said plant. Understandably, her toys have been in timeout more than once.

She was hiding and we found her in the hidy hole...naturally!

On Christmas Eve, she didn't want to fake sleep with Doughie. So, yet again, she ran to her hidy hole. You can see her peaking out in annoyance.


2busy said...

I think you can get a salt lick at B&D. Have one of those there? That's kind of a strange obsession. I thought kids liked sugar!

William said...

Yesterday I found the bottom of a bag of Rold Gold pretzels. The salt there was so delicious and satisfying that I decided to take a big pinch and stick it in my mouth. My tastebuds were suddenly overwhelmed and the pleasure I had was suddenly gone! I choked and pulled a few ugly faces, but I guess I didn't learn anything because I pinched up some more and ate that too.

Holly said...

That is too cute! I have to laugh at big sister "fake" sleeping and she is hiding! Can't wait to see you guys!

2busy said...

I was at B&D and they had a big block of salt (a salt lick) for $5.99. Shall I ship it over for Sassy B?

stoner said...

2Busy....I have said it kill me! But honestly, that isn't a bad price....I will consider it. :D