Friday, August 7, 2009

This event occurred on a recent road trip:

Doughie from the backseat, "Momma! Momma! Sassy just grabbed my pop and shook it up!"

Me, "Sassy! That is rude! Shaking it up makes her pop taste bad! Please don't do that anymore!"

Doughie, trying to provide ample discipline fodder, continued by saying, "Yeah! Well, she picked up my pop with her toes and shook it with her foot!"

To this damning evidence, Sassy responded with, "It wasn't me! It was my straw! Bad Straw! Bad Straw! You say sorry to Doughie!" She then proceeded to spank her straw--finishing the beating by chewing on one end. After this dramatic discipline scene, the straw, in a high falsetto, gave Doughie a sad apology. The apology was heartfelt and sincere--beautiful really.

Not expecting anything like the melodrama we had just witnessed, Big C and I silently sniggered in the front of the car. (In our defense, this was the third day of traveling in the car with our two little angels. The third longest day........)

Ever laughed when you should be playing the parent?

Note to self: No more long road trips.....


JulieJ said...

That imagination is going to take her far someday!

Jana said...

I laugh all the time when I shouldn't. It's terrible!

Amberly said...

I agree, no more road trips!! It isn't fun after two days.

Holly said...

Hahaha!! That is great! What kids will find to fight over! Carson isn't even two yet and he torments Jayson and Jayson gives him so many loud screaming reasons to keep up the teasing! When hubby reaches the end of the rope I just look at him and say don't look at me it is your bad jeans and I have your sisters that will back me on that!

William said...

You need to start taping this stuff! I snorted my Mountain Dew when I read about the straw's apology. xD