Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She's going to lose it!

After listening to my daughter, Sassy, use everything but her "indoor voice" for approximately 4 hours--the time it took to drive from one end of Yellowstone Park to the other--she finally got tired and stopped.

With the new found silence, Big C and I began chatting in relief. After only a couple of minutes, Sassy imperiously demanded from the backseat, "No Talking! Your voices hurt my ears!" (Quite frankly, I was surprised that she wasn't hoarse.)

When I heard her loud command, I began laughing crazily. After listening to my maniacal laughter for a couple of minutes, Big C stated nervously, "It wasn't that funny." To this, my laughter turned to hysterics.....I think my family was a little scared that I had lost it and was about to beat them soundly with my empty plastic Mt Dew bottle.

Note to self:
Road trips with children are bad....very...very...bad! :D

Ever have a moment like this one? When you just have to laugh....

Doughie enjoying her video:

Me at a happier time....


Holli's Blog said...

LOL! Mylee can scream for hours in her carseat, if she has decided she doesn't want to be in it. The rest of my kids are and have always been pretty good on long trips.

Danya said...

You should start flying. Everywhere. Or just stay in your basement all summer playing the Wii.

In Sassy's defense, that's how I feel everytime I get in the car, too. I've had some of my "best" moments in the car.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Sorry. I have no comment. I thought this blog was going to be about me - but I guess it didn't say "She's ALREADY Lost It!"

Plus also we are going to that dang Yellowstone tomorrow. Where did you leave Sassy along the way? Maybe we will drop off a friend for her.