Friday, July 17, 2009

Disney movies as interpruted by my 4-year-old

Finding Nemo: "A Fish goes in the toilet!"

Cars: "Driving! Lots of driving!"

Winnie the Pooh: "I hate Pee-Poo!"

The Little Mermaid: "A scary shark tries to eat her!"

Cinderella: "I love Rella. There's lots of lub (love) and rats!"

Up: "A dog talks! There are lots of balloons! It is awesome!"

The Fox and the Hound: "Everyone is trying to kill the fox! They are ebil (evil) and should be killed! (Much to my disgust, they have been watching this "gem" repeatedly lately. "The Fox and the Hound" and "Pocahontas" are two movies I wished I never purchased--ironically, they are favorites.)

How do your kids interpret Disney movies? You might be surprised by their answers. Ever have a movie that you were sorry that you purchased?


2busy said...

Too many regretfully purchased movies to list here!

I love the Finding Nemo interpretation.

Dellp said...

What about "Land Before Time?" I seem to remember its (tragic) demise. I know it isn't Disney, but I also know that you regretted its purchase before something happened to it.

Since I don't have kids, if I regret the purchase of a movie, I can just put it away or get rid of it. I have, however, been subject to a few gems at your house and in your car. A recent CD comes to mind... :oD

William said...

I enjoyed Sassy's interpretations of each movie.

I couldn't agree about The Fox and the Hound. I really enjoyed the record and storybook combo I had as a kid, but the move really let me down! On a scale of crappiness, I rank it right up there with Bambi and The Lion King!

Actually... I didn't make it all the way through The Lion King. I could't make myself watch Pocahontus or most of the other relatively newer Disney releases.

Well, I'm already off on a tangent, so I guess I'll just keep going.

I remember loving The Black Cauldron when we saw it as kids. So, (gasp) when Disney released it on video a few years back, I paid full price for the hunk of poo! Seriously, it's like old He-man cartoon quality... and the story isn't much better!

I've only paid for one other animated Disney film, Song of the South, and that wasn't much better!

I think the only Disney film I own that I would ever want to dig out and watch is Swiss Family Robinson. (I'm sure some will gasp in horror at that statement)

stoner said...

Willy, GASP!!! (I did that gasp in horror!)

The Freed Family said...

Definitely the most favorite and watched Disney movie at my house was Toy Story 1 and 2. We even had to purchase second copies of each because they got worn out. Two other close favorites have been Lilo and Stitch and Monsters Inc.